Less Joint Pain, Increased Energy And The Weight Loss Machine

If you suffer from joint pain and or decreased energy, you probably have noticed your pants fitting a bit tighter. It might feel a bit more uncomfortable to get around due to a pesky increase of 10 pounds or more.

Perhaps you’ve tried going Keto, or Paleo, with minimal long-lasting effects once you switched off the diet. Working out has become harder with your joint pain, so maybe you’ve resorted to some low impact workouts which still aren’t getting you the results you want.

Once the Heritage Health Process has improved your joint pain and hormone imbalance issues, we can begin the final phase of helping you lose weight that will help you keep it off and transform the way you live.

Weight loss ultimately isn’t about not eating or short term diets these days. It’s a different situation for every person; it’s more about understanding the impact of the things you eat and your activity level in relation to your body and age, and finding a reasonable, easy to follow plan for long term health.

At Heritage Regenerative Medicine, we will help you develop a program for your situation to help you on your quest for weight loss, giving you more energy, focus, and desire. We can also discuss the use of cosmetic regenerative medicine for smoother skin, natural hair regrowth, or treatments for issues from erection difficulty in men to decreased enjoyment of sex in both men and women.

Call today or click the button below to request an appointment. We look forward to helping you become your best, healthiest version of you.