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You no longer need to sit on the sidelines of life – your joint pain, lack of energy, and the consequences of deficits in your health due to aging or disease can be treated!


Our process isn’t just a one and done, ‘let’s hope this works’ procedure.  Our medical team, led by second-generation physician Dr. John Stavrakos, will develop a customized plan for you to get living, instead of observing.


The Heritage Health Process involves three very distinctive steps, each customized for you:

Reduce Joint Pain

Does your joint pain prevent you from participating in family adventures? How about playing golf with your buddies, doing any other sport or activity you used to enjoy, or simply being able to walk comfortably or sleep through the night without pain?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, over 25% percent of adults suffer from ongoing knee pain, with one-third of all Americans experiencing knee pain at some time. Knee pain has increased over 65% over the last 20 years, accounts for nearly 4 million primary care visits annually and is the second most common cause of chronic pain.*

In the past, there were few options for chronic joint pain: addictive pain killers, steroid injections, surgery, or long, painful courses of physical therapy. Often patients were told to “just live with it” and that this their  “new normal.”

There is a proven alternative option to reduce your joint pain. One that does not cause addiction like many pain medications, or keeps you out of work for long periods of time like surgery.

Using the same science utilized to treat elite athletes and celebrities, the Heritage Health Process utilizes the healing properties of your own body to reduce your pain by repairing damaged tissue, naturally stabilizing damaged joints, and getting you back to a state of great physical function faster.

After we improve or eliminate the joint pain, we turn to…

After we fix the joint pain we turn to…

Increase Energy

If you have been taking pain killers for an extended period of time, and/or are simply getting older, you’ve probably noticed that your energy levels are in a decline (in some cases, a free-fall).

You find yourself cranky, dealing with “brain fog,” unable to focus, forgetting names, not sleeping well through the night, with a decreased sex drive and little desire to do the sort of physical tasks you used to enjoy. As an unwelcome side effect, you tend to gain weight that’s difficult to take off (more on that in the next step).

The Heritage Health Process involves doing a “whole health” evaluation; this includes, among other things, doing extensive blood work to make sure you have the optimal opportunity to improve in the best way possible.

As you age and move less, your body starts to slowly decrease the production of key hormones in your body, that lead to the symptoms mentioned above, and are often simply chalked up to “just getting older.”

The solution for improvement is simple and part of our comprehensive process.  Our process naturally reactivates the body’s ability to regain energy, drive, memory and injury recovery.

So, now that your energy has skyrocketed, your thoughts are clearer, sleep and libido are better, we can focus on Step 3….

Anti-Aging / Wellness

There’s an old saying that “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

It’s an often-used but true cliché that all the riches in the world won’t make up for poor health. Now that your joints are feeling better, your energy level is up and your outlook on life has improved, it’s time for us to “check under the hood” a little deeper, so to speak, and work on making sure your body is ready for the challenges of life.

Click on the link to explore the incredible health benefits of injectables and ozone therapy.

The End Result…

Peak Heritage Health

Today, it’s just about reducing your joint pain; that’s where other clinics will focus. At Heritage Regenerative Medicine, we want to see you living a longer, fuller life. A life where you are no longer on the sidelines, where you truly feel alive. Our focus is on getting the totality that is you better, not just the one immediate problem that made you seek out a doctor.

That is what Peak Heritage Health is all about: living a healthier, fuller life with those you love.

Our goal is, to the extent possible, get you off medications taken for chronic illnesses that may have a long-term negative impact on your health, and put you back in the driver’s seat with your health.

Does our process take time and effort? Of course – what worthwhile thing in life does not? Please recall this is your investment in you – in a happier, healthier you. Our philosophy is best summed up by a quotation by author David Wong:

Remember, misery is comfortable. It’s why so many people prefer it. Happiness takes effort.”

We look forward to helping you achieve a better you!

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What People Are Saying

“I would recommend this extraordinary doctor to anyone who has a neurological or orthopedic and/or muscular problem. I am so grateful that after years of well-intended but incorrect diagnoses and plans of treatment, I finally found the one person who has put me on the road to recovery of what was and soon will be again, a normal life.” – Maria S.

I would like to help everyone all over the world. If you’re thinking about having stem cell therapy, I would like to give you my testimony first. When I tell you this doctor is an excellent doctor to get it done. He’s so honest, that’s what made me stand on faith and went for it. I had bone rubbing bone and was in so much pain from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. Even in my sleep, I was hurting, On a scale of 1-10, my pain was a serious 9. But after the stem cell therapy, I’m in 0 pain. Before the stem cells, I would hurt so bad if it rained out, now I don’t have any more pain even when it rains.

I’m a very honest person, and will not put anyone on the wrong path. If this is something you’re thinking about doing, please get in touch with Dr. John Stavrakos. I’m promising you will not regret it at all. I pray that it helps as far as finding someone you can trust and know you’re going to be safe in his hands. – KW from Columbia, SC

“I am so grateful to Dr. John Stavrakos for his work as a Regenerative Medical Doctor. He has improved my overall health and I look forward to having Dr. John perform other important procedures to help me repair chronically injured tissue and avoid more invasive surgeries.” – John G.

“I injured my left arm while lifting a heavy object during a household move. The pain manifested in the upper arm, back, side and front. Over the months the pain grew increasingly worse, while the arm became steadily debilitated. I couldn’t perform basic tasks nor enjoy any of my hobbies and sports activities. The daily pain level was so high, both my work and basic daily life-tasks were impacted. Itraveled to see Dr. Stavrakos, and he was able to diagnose exactly what the injuries were to my arm and recommended Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

Over the course of seven weeks and two PRP therapies my arm has steadily come back to 90% functionality. Most importantly the severe pain is reduced 95%. I can perform my daily activities with ease now and even enjoyed Archery on a recent vacation. Dr. Stavrakos helped me with nutritional changes and physical therapy recommendations to ensure the most effective healing progress. I’m fortunate to have such an accomplished physician bring his expertise combined with my body’s own natural resources to get my arm on a direct path to wellness. Thank you so much Dr. Stavrakos!” – Tim I.

“In his book, Dr. Stavrakos artfully simplifies many complicated medical concepts and presents them in a manner that is easily understood by the lay public with no medical training. This book will teach you about the layers of musculoskeletal pain, and, more importantly, how to effectively treat them and return yourself and your loved ones to a normal fully functional life.” – Gerald R Harris DO
Developer of the Harris Method of Pain Treatment, president of the AOAPRM, and author of a soon to be released medical textbook on the comprehensive treatment and resolution of chronic pain.

I first discovered prolotherapy and regenerative medicine after an auto accident where the typical cadence of treatments (physical therapy, chiropractic, pain medicine) did little to relieve the pain and instability in my neck and back. Within two sessions, prolotherapy had significantly improved my quality of life and now I have little to no pain and instability. It works!!!

We were thrilled when Dr. Stavrakos at Heritage Regenerative Medicine opened his office here in southern Charlotte. While regenerative medicine is becoming increasingly mainstream, there are fewer “expert” doctors in the science. Dr. Stavrakos is an expert, proficient in not only the state-of-the-art Stem Cell and PRP treatments but also the older dextrose-based prolotherapy that often works just as well (and is much cheaper). He treats joints, ligaments, and tendon injuries comprehensively giving you peace of mind that nothing was missed. My wife is now also a patient of Dr. Stavrakos and her knees improved considerably even after just one treatment. Hopefully, she will be pain-free with a few more. Highly recommend Heritage Regenerative Medicine! – Samuel Lentz


The Athlete’s Secret to Conquering Pain

In this book I share the secrets behind evaluating and treating the real causes of why so many of us suffer debilitating pain that forces us to give up activities we used to love to do, why the medical model most of us grew up with has failed us, and how regenerative medicine can be the solution we’ve been looking for.

Later, we’ll go into the paramount importance of how exercise, good nutrition, and maintenance of healthy hormone levels are the key to not only feeling great but combating the diseases that claim so many lives in this day and age.

Finally, we’ll explore the New Patient Model with you, the patient, as the captain of the ship, taking charge of the choices that determine your health, with your healthcare providers (doctor, chiropractor, nutritionist, etc.) as your “first mates” to help you take the best course of action for you.