Why Low Energy As You Age Is NOT Unavoidable

Do you find yourself falling asleep after dinner, or you can’t seem to make it past 2 in the afternoon without your second big cup of coffee or a Red Bull?
For years, this was explained as being just the “part of the natural aging process.” Fortunately, with the advances in medical science, we now not realize this is not only not unavoidable, but also not healthy. Just like modern medicine can help prevent heart attacks, stop a stroke from reaching its full impact, or extend your life, we can also slow down the impact of aging.

As we age, we slowly but surely begin to lose the most valuable ingredient to living a vibrant, full, active life: our hormones.

Men and women age somewhat differently, but the fundamentals of the aging process are essentially the same. When age related hormone loss occurs, we are more inclined to lose energy, focus, sexual desire, and put on weight. Worse, we lose the protective effect of those hormones against chronic disease processes like heart attacks, stroke, dementia, and osteoporosis to name a few.

How To Increase Your Hormones To Optimal Levels

In the early 16th century, the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon landed in what is now Florida looking for the fabled Fountain of Youth; it was said that if you soaked in its waters, it would reverse the effects of aging. Alas, this of course turned out to be a myth.

Fortunately today, we don’t need to rely on fables; we have a more specific way to stop and reverse aging. It’s called, Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) (also known as Natural Hormone Therapy).

After getting a through medical history, some simple blood work will reveal your current hormone levels to our medical team. Based on those findings, we can develop a protocol for you to restore your hormones at or near the levels they were in your younger days. We will also discuss the importance of certain vitamins and supplements we can recommend you take for your health.

There are a number of different ways to supplement your hormone levels, and diet and exercise certainly play a strong role. Oral and topical medications as well as hormone injections have significant drawbacks, and studies have shown these to have, at best, inconsistent results on your baseline hormone levels. The goal, after all, is to be healthier, not just feel healthier.

Our recommended treatment for the vast majority of our patients is the use of bioidentical, or natural, hormone pellets. These are inserted just under the skin and slowly break down over time. In this way, they provide a regular, consistent state of hormone supplementation to your body.

It’s a “fire and forget” medical treatment that provides the most effective way to keep consistently therapeutic hormone levels. You simply come to the clinic every 3-5 months, receive your pellet insertions, and go back to your daily life.

Within weeks, you should see an increase of energy, focus, and more restful sleep. In time your libido, sexual performance and lean muscle mass should increase, and combined with a reasonable diet and exercise, unwanted excess body fat will start to come off. Better yet, your odds of falling victim to many devastating diseases that plague us in our older years will plummet.

For women undergoing menopause, BHRT can be a life saver in regulating wildly fluctuating hormone levels and the symptoms that can come with them.
It is important to understand that BHRT needs to be done under the care of a licensed medical physician trained in the use of this treatment. Our office is always available for any questions related to the procedure, who is a good candidate, follow up issues, and the like.

If you are experiencing any or all of the problems discussed above, please contact our office to set up your consultation.

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