It’s a common misconception that being fit is the same as being healthy; while it’s true that physically fit people tend to have better health than their counterparts, the reality is that there are number of people who look and feel fine, but whose medical testing reveals problems brewing just under the surface that can lead to a downward spiral. In most cases, the biggest divider between those who remain healthy as they get older and those who do not can in most cases be boiled down to one thing: how well our bodies utilize oxygen.

There’s a reason that an active four-year old can wear out a 30-year-old triathlete in a few hours of play: the child’s body has much better efficiency using the oxygen he/she takes in, which in turn goes on to fuel mitochondria, which are the energy-producing structures in our cells. Mitochondria are the ‘generators’ of our body, and the reason we live and breathe; there an estimated 10 million billion of them in a single person – up to 10% of our body weight! Aging, chronic disease issues, how well we heal and recover from injury all boil down to how efficient these energy makers work, because most of the energy they produce (in the form of a substance called ATP), goes to repairing our cells. Since all of our organs, and therefore all of our body’s systems, are made up of cells, a body that has lots of smoothly running mitochondria is like having a sports car with an expert crew that checks it regularly for wear and tear, fluid levels, etc., and fixes what’s need on the spot.

Getting your joints to naturally heal is one piece of the puzzle, exercising more, eating healthier, and optimizing your hormones will also help your mitochondria work better, but to better prime your immune system, we offer an additional service: Ozone therapy.

Ozone has been used in medicine for well over 100 years and is one of the joint/pain/wellness/anti-aging treatments of choice for many professional athletes and celebrities. It’s a gas that’s formed when electricity strikes oxygen atoms (which normally form a two-oxygen molecule, called O2) and the energy adds a third oxygen atom to the pair (O3). In addition to being an incredibly powerful killer of ‘bugs’ like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, ozone, when administered properly, helps to reset the biochemical pathway that makes our mitochondria work more efficiently. It’s also been shown to strengthen our immune system, both by eliminating damaging infections, and by stimulating the body to beef up its compliment of T-cells, one of the most important foot soldiers in our system. This can lead to a powerful aid in the battle against chronic viral infection, “fibromyalgia syndrome” and a whole host of other diseases.

Ozone has a long history of use in reducing pain and inflammation and promoting healing in joints as well, when combined with an injection of anesthetic and a vitamin complex, and is used along with our other procedures such as prolotherapy, PRP, etc. Additionally, we can combine some of this therapy with various injectables of vitamins and supplements for energy, immune support, and the like.

Aging is inevitable, but aging badly and in poor health doesn’t always have to be. Come in for your consultation so that we can discuss starting you on the path to Peak Heritage Health.

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